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Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
Tunku Abdul Rahman Park is comprised of Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. All these islands are only 10-20 minute speedboat ride from the city of Kota Kinabalu. The islands of the Marine Park are characterized by shallow waters, sumptuous coral gardens and all boast splendid white sandy beaches.

Most of the reefs lie in shallow waters with little current making it an ideal location for snorkelers. However, these are also interesting dive locations for experienced divers and underwater photographers.

Before you dive in to discover these marine park you need to contact the local dive operators in Kota Kinabalu whom they also offer a full variety of diving courses ranging from try to instructor.

Non divers can still have much fun in the islands with other optional activities such as snorkeling and water sport, offered by the local tour operators.

东姑阿都拉曼公园是马来西亚第一座海洋型国家公园,坐落在沙巴州亚庇岸外的南中国海上,由佳雅岛(Gaya Island),沙比岛(Sapi Island),马姆迪岛(Mamutik Island ),马奴干岛(Manukan Island)苏洛岛(Sulug Island)等五个岛屿组成。从亚庇抵达这些岛屿乘坐快艇只需10至15分钟。这几个群岛,除了拥有美丽的沙滩和清澈的海水,也有许多特出的珊瑚以及海洋生物。各个岛屿的丛林里更有许多罕见的两栖动物。


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Pick Up from Hotel and depart to Sutera Jetty. Mamutik island is the smallest island among the others, the area is only 15 acres. Despite being the smallest, the island offers some good beaches and coral reefs. 
从酒店接待, 前往苏特拉码头。马慕迪岛是其它之间的最小的岛,直径仅有15亩。尽管是最小的,岛上提供了一些很好的沙滩和珊瑚礁。
Arrive at island, you are free & leisure or you may proceed to snorkel. Meanwhile water sport such as parasailing., jet ski, scuba diving can be arranged on the island.  
抵达岛上, 你可以自由休闲或进行浮潜同时可安排在岛上的水上运动,如滑翔伞,水上摩托艇和潜水
Ready to be Transfered to Manukan Island. 
Depart from island and back to Hotel. 启程返回酒店 (行程结束)
Package Include : Land & Boat Transfer, Life Jacket, BBQ Buffet Lunch, Mask & Snorkel Set. 

Mamuntik & Sapi/Manukan Island Tour
(Single/Twin Island Hopping)

Tour Itinerary