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Our Lodge
Many have left the communal dwellings, choosing instead to live in modern houses; the only Kadazan Dusun tribe which continues to live in the longhouse is the Rungus. You can come and experience living in the Rungus LongHouse at our resort. Longhouses are dwellings in which several families live together in separate sections. Utilizing small split timbers lashed with rattan for the frame, leaves for the thatched roof, bamboo for the floor and tree bark for the compartment walls.

Rungus longhouse corridors has walls that slope outwards, giving the building an unusual appearance, almost boat-like, that has inspired other Sabah buildings including the state museum in Kota Kinabalu. Light filters through the slatted verandah, and the upraised construction allows wind to blow through, cooling it down.

We also provide the terrace house and air-conditioned rooms with attached-bathroom. Don't miss all the excitement that you can get in our Borneo Proboscis River Lodge Resort...